Thank you for visiting Williams Point’s community information page about the proposed development at 85 Maddox Road, Williamstown North.

This webpage has been created to keep the community informed about the development during constuction phase.

Please follow the page below, or if you have any further questions please email us at and send us your details.

About our Development

The development site is located at 85 Maddox Road, Williamstown North. 88 lots have been planned over the 16.77 HA of total site area. The land lots will be subsequently developed into offices, warehouses, and other Industrial 3 Zone developments with premium design outcome guided by the sitewide design requirements.

Project Key Dates

Planning Permit – October 2018

Construction Commencement – 26th June 2019

Infrastructure Works Completion – 4th Quarter of 2020

(Please note this timeline is a guide only and may change without notice)

Construction Q&A

As with any development in urban or residential areas, there will be some disruption whilst the site is under construction. Time & Place and our contractors Industrial Environmental Services and Winslow have extensive experience in working with communities in dense areas and have a range of strategies/measures ready to implement during construction to minimise disruption to the community. We have outlined a list of commonly asked questions below for you to review.

What are the proposed hours of construction?

  • Monday to Friday: 7am to 6pm
  • Saturdays: 8am to 1pm
  • Sundays and Public Holidays: No Construction activity

If I have an issue during construction, how do I report this?

Please contact Time & Place by emailing For urgent site matters, please contact the builder whose details will be displayed on the sites entrance.

How will construction vehicle movement be managed during construction?

Heavy and light vehicles will access the site via Maddox Road entrance. Reversing will be kept to a minimum and all vehicles exiting the site should be mud/debris free.

Physical wheel barriers will be established at the northern boundary along the gas pipes to ensure they are not compromised by construction activities.

How will Dust and Odour be managed?

We’ve taken the dust and odour impact into consideration during the project scoping phase and will carry out the following control measurements:

  • Pro-active assessment of wind direction during site works, including prevailing, current and forecast weather conditions
  • Selected locations on the site boundary be monitored for dust and odour during the project. The locations of the monitoring points will be based on prevailing wind direction and proximity to receptors.
  • Visual monitoring of dust conditions
  • Site supervisor has the authority to suspend work due to adverse wind, dust or odour conditions
  • Sufficient quantities of appropriate odour suppression/neutralisation/masking agents to be onsite and sprayed on to odorous soil, if required
  • Enclosures will be considered if significant odours are encountered
  • Internal roads will be maintained to reduce any dust nuisance
  • Site vehicles will be maintained in accordance with the manufacturers’ specifications
  • Reduce exhaust emission by ensuring that site vehicles are fitted with appropriate emission control equipment and are maintained in accordance with the manufacturers’ specifications
  • Reduce vehicle speed in dry and windy conditions

How will the Asbestos Contaminated Soil be managed?

Prior to the construction, a detailed soil and groundwater contamination investigation of the existing site has been carried out. An environmental management plan and remediation action plan have been developed with conservative measures to ensure the human health and environmental risk from the identified soil and groundwater contamination is adequately managed for any subsurface works conducted at the site. Our contractors will comply strictly with the above plans. Key measurements are outlined below:

  • Air monitoring stations will be installed on the site boundary. A qualified Occupation Hygienist will conduct Asbestos Fibre Air monitoring, inspection, analyse the results and report to a NATA certified laboratory.
  • Soil Capping layer and clean soil will be installed across the entire site to ensure safe occupation of Council approved uses.
  • Implementation of best practice stormwater and sediment controls to avoid impacting Paisley Drain and Hygeia Avenue Drain.
  • Any legacy contamination on the site will be remediated and disposed of at a licensed landfill.